businessmen shaking hands in officeAs a business owner, you have worked extremely hard over the years to build a successful company, but there may be planning issues you need to address to make sure that success continues now and in the future.   Ifft & Palmer can help with a variety of life insurance policies:

  • Business Succession/Continuation: Having a death benefit from a life insurance policy reassures that sufficient liquidity will be there when an owner passes away.  Without the insurance, the business or surviving heirs might have to purchase the seller’s interest at the seller’s death and lack the liquidity.  Life insurance can provide that necessary liquidity.
  • Executive Benefits: Attracting and retaining top employees today is a major problem for most business owners.  Fringe benefits involving life insurance, such as Split Dollar, Executive Bonus, and Deferred Compensation, allow you as a business owner to enhance the benefits normally available to your employees.
  • Key-Man Insurance: Your employees play a very important part in your company’s success. Could you have the same success if you lost a key employee to an unexpected death?  A life insurance policy on a key employee reinforces the capital structure of the business and may pay for the cost to train a replacement/new employee.