'Worth' highlighted, under 'Value'We work with a lot of business owners who need help with determining the value of their businesses.  The value of a business is normally defined as its fair market value, or the price at which a property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller who are both informed and under no compulsion to act.  The most common reasons we recommend doing a business valuation are:

  • Establish a purchase price in a buy-sell agreement
  • Determine the size of the gross estate for death tax purposes.
  • Determine if the estate qualifies for tax-relief provisions.
  • Plan for an equitable disposition of the estate among children where some are active in the business and some are not.
  • Determine the value of lifetime gifts of the business.
  • Develop an exit strategy when planning retirement.

At Ifft & Palmer, we will work with you to determine what your business is worth and we will show you ways to help plan accordingly for the future success of your business.

*For actual business planning purposes, an independent appraisal by a qualified business valuation professional should be used.