While most people insure their lives and physical possessions like their homes and cars, many of them overlook their biggest asset–the ability to work and earn an income.  If you got injured or sick and couldn’t work, would you be able to:

  • Pay your mortgage, car payment, or other household bills
  • Maintain your current lifestyle
  • Provide for your children’s education
  • Continue to save for retirement

Becoming disabled today can be financially devastating to a family.  Even with Social Security or group disability insurance through work, one can still be at risk.  How likely is it that one will become disabled?  According to one study, 30% of all Americans between the ages of 35 & 65 suffered a disability lasting at least 90 days.*  One solution to this problem of providing income during an extended period of disability is to purchase an individual disability insurance policy.

At Ifft & Palmer we can provide several different disability insurance products to help protect you and your family against severe financial hardships that may accompany a disability.

* Based upon the 1985 Commissioners Individual Disability Table.