Family walking down beach.Purchasing life insurance can help your family financially in many ways:

  • Maintain their standard of living with the loss of a loved one.
  • Pay death taxes & other estate settlement costs.
  • Pay off mortgage or any other debt so the assets pass to heirs without an outstanding balance.
  • Create a fund for a child’s future college education.
  • Create a fund for a child with special needs.
  • Replace a charitable gift.

There are four very important questions that we address with our clients when discussing the need for life insurance:

1)      How much life insurance should you purchase?

2)      What type of life insurance is right for you?

3)      Who should be the owner & beneficiary on the policy?

4)      How should you pay the premium?

At Ifft & Palmer, we will help answer these questions by doing a survivor needs analysis for you.  Once the analysis has been completed, we will then place the coverage with one of the many Life Insurance carriers that we represent.  Some of the different kinds of life insurance products that we can provide are:

  • TERM LIFE INSURANCE: low cost, provides temporary coverage for 10, 15, 20, or 30 years with guaranteed level premiums during the term period.
  • WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE: Permanent type of coverage that combines insurance protection along with guaranteed cash values and guaranteed death benefits for life.
  • UNIVERSAL LIFE INSURANCE: Permanent type of policy with flexibility in premium payments and the cash value is determined by insurance company interest rate.

If you passed away today, would your family remain in their current world, financially?  Life insurance can help you secure your family’s financial future.