When a loved one needs long-term care, it could possibly impact the entire family—financially, emotionally, and physically.  Once you understand the risks associated with needing long-term care, you are then ready to start the planning process.

By purchasing Long-Term Care Insurance, it allows loved ones to care ABOUT YOU, instead of having to care FOR YOU.  LTC insurance is a cost-effective way to help protect your assets — and your family — against the high cost of long-term care. It can provide you with the control and financial resources to help cover the cost of long-term care services and the independence to choose where to receive care.

You’ll want to consider LTC insurance if you want to:

  • Feel confident about protecting your retirement savings and assets
  • Be proactive about reducing the burden of care that often falls on family members
  • Take control of your long-term care decisions and maintain the independence to choose where you receive care

Regardless of the reason you’re considering LTC insurance, Ifft & Palmer will help you understand the potential impact that needing long-term care may have on your assets, your family, and your future.