sunshadesTake all of your assets into consideration – your home, vehicles, retirement accounts, any rental or vacation properties, and savings. No one likes to think that they could be sued.  But one bad car accident can take all of this from you.  What if you caused an auto accident and the driver of the other car has significant injuries?  Or how about if a visitor slips on your icy steps and breaks his arm?  Accidents like this could mean a lawsuit against you and what’s troubling is, your homeowners or auto policy may not provide sufficient coverage.  Not only can you be sued for the assets you have; you can also be sued for future earnings.

This is why we highly recommend a personal umbrella policy. Coverage is affordable and the extra layer of protection is essential in today’s litigious society.  After we review your insurance, we can best determine the limit that suits your needs.  Please see the Q&A for more information on Personal Umbrella Insurance or contact us at: