diamonds insurance content“…But my homeowners insurance covers my jewelry”

Yes, your homeowners insurance does – but do you know depending on your policy, some of these limits may be “capped” for certain types of claims?

For example: your ring is stolen.  The appraised value is $5,000.  However, your insurance policy may only provide $1,500 for coverage on stolen jewelry.  Your policy has a $1,000 deductible.  Settlement = $500 for your $5,000 ring!

This is why scheduling your jewelry and other valuables is very important.  Scheduling takes the guesswork out of claims – your item is insured for a stated amount and for most classes of property, no deductible applies.

Consider this important coverage for:

  • jewelry
  • antiques and other rare items
  • wine
  • silverware, china, crystal

Our agents will be happy to assist you in deciding the best way to protect your valuables.